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Observer Live

Yesterday I published a demo of my port of observer_cli using LiveView. It took me a few of minutes to familiarise myself with this new web development concept. The docs are clear, accurate and provide a very smooth introduction to the capabilities of this interactive server-side rendering way of doing things. I have to say that I’m really impressed 🙂.

You can try the demo yourself here.

Or.. check out this gif.



It’s one of my favourite hex packages. It can be very helpful to diagnose problems on a running node visually. It uses the excellent :recon library under the hood. If you’re more interested in tracing, have a look at some previous posts:

Next Steps

The port is ~40% done at this point and a few people have already expressed, on Twitter, their desire to contribute. I’ll make sure to shape a roadmap in the form of GitHub issues. If there are people out there who’d like to use this for their apps from a package, please let me know in the comments or Twitter (@_zorbash). Not quite sure how to package a live view yet though 😬.


Can’t wait to use it in Opus to finally build some interactive visualisation of the pipelines graph and live tracing using the instrumentation.


I want to thank Chris McCord and all the contributors for bringing such a fantastic idea to life. It never ceases to amaze me how the phoenix framework team consistently delivers such refreshing features without sacrificing stability, performance or developer happiness.

Next week I’ll be attending ElixirConf EU, come talk to me about LiveView and the stuff you’re building using it and Elixir in general.

For more demos, guides and tutorials about LiveView, check out this list.